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Be Heart Conscious

A healthy heart is key to helping to maintain a healthy life.  Exercise regularly, drink water to help maintain a healthy heart.

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Every body is different, even among family members.  What may work for your sibling may be detrimental to you.  Attend our seminars to learn more about healthy living.

It pays to be healthy

A healthy lifestyle causes you to be more productive and efficient at home, school, and at work resulting in better performance in all areas of life. Eat healthily and exercise regularly to ensure you benefit at home, school, and work.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy is good and tastes good too; view our healthy recipes in our recipe section.

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The Medical Benefits Scheme is here to serve you.

The Medical Benefits Scheme is here to serve you. Whether you are a beneficiary, a claimant, an Employer, Self-Employed Voluntary or interested in benefiting from our services, we show we care by our service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone register as a beneficiary at the Medical Benefits Scheme?

Visit our Registration Department on Nevis Street, to become a registered beneficiary of the Scheme.

The required documents needed to register are:


  • Valid Passport or, Birth certificate and a valid government issued photo ID.
  • Social Security Card

Registering children who were born within Antigua & Barbuda.

The child must be accompanied by a parent with the following documents:

  • Birth paper
  • Passport
  • Parent’s passport



  • Valid Passport
  • Social Security Card

Registering children who were not born within Antigua & Barbuda.

The child must be accompanied by a parent with the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Letter from the school they attend
  • Parents passport


NB.   Non- Notional applicants, must be legally residing in Antigua & Barbuda  for twelve (12) consecutive months, before they can be registered into the scheme.


For further information on the registration process, call us 481-6369/6371

How do I become eligible for benefits?

Registered members are required to make a minimum of six (6) months contributions, to become eligible to claim benefits from scheme. Once the required amount of contributions has been made, the beneficiary would then be issued a smartcard, that the individual can use to make claims, fill prescriptions at any of our six (6) satellite pharmacies, as well as when they visit the Mount St. John’s Medical Center.

Membership has its privileges!

What benefits can I claim from MBS?

The Medical Benefits Scheme covers eleven (11) diseases beneficiaries can make claims for reimbursement from Doctor’s visits, but only for the listed illnesses that is covered by the Scheme. Click here for a list of the covered diseases.

Beneficiaries can also make claims for lab tests, surgeries and other medical procedures (such as X-rays, ultrasounds etc.) which have been performed within their doctor’s private office. We also accept claims for overseas medical treatment. Click here to learn more about making claims.

Does my contribution to the Medical Benefits Scheme cover my spouse and/or child?

No, your contributions would not cover your spouse or child, because each beneficiary is entitled to hold his/her own card. That being said, they can be registered as members of MBS.

See requirements on being registered.

I am currently unemployed. What can I do to keep my benefits active?

Persons between the ages of 16 – 69, who are unemployed for 3 months or more, can register as a voluntary contributor, to make payments to MBS. Making regular contributions, allows the beneficiary to continue receiving benefits from the scheme.

To learn more about this process, call or visit our Registration Department, on Nevis Street at 481-6369/6371.

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