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PART II Registration: Section 32 of the Medical Benefits Act, 2010 Registration of persons’ states:

Every employer, every employed person and every self-employed person in Antigua and Barbuda shall be registered for the purposes of the Scheme.

Applying for Benefits

It is important to note, that an application for a claim must be made within three (3) months of the date on which the benefit is accrued. Members seeking reimbursement for medical services are required to:

  • Present his/her MBS smartcard and original receipts to the Customer Service Department, Nevis Street;
  • Make an application for a claim within three (3) months of the date on which the benefit is accrued.


Local Claims

Members who wish to claim benefits for procedures or tests done locally must bring the original receipts along with their MBS card to the Customer Service Department, Nevis Street. Beneficiaries should also ensure that:

  • Receipts are stamped and signed by the service provider;
  • Member’s name is spelt exactly as on the MBS card;
  • The doctor’s name requesting the test is on the receipt
  • There is a breakdown of the cost of the procedure; and
  • The nature of the illness is indicated in the case of the blue claim form.

Beneficiaries are advised to consult with our Pharmacist at any of our 6 pharmacies located in All Saints, Browne’s Avenue, Clare Hall, Gray’s Farm, Nevis and Johnson’s Points before purchasing drugs for the diseases covered by MBS.


Overseas Claims

MBS also refunds for procedures done overseas as per the recommendation of a registered local physician. When making overseas claims beneficiaries should present to the Customer Service Department the following:

  • MBS card;
  • Original receipts;
  • Referral letter from local physician;
  • Report from overseas physician; and
  • Flight Itinerary/ticket sub.
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